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Santos's objective is to mine the deep and broad experience of our people to create technically superb, cost-effective solutions to clients' geodetic problems and needs.


Quality - Our mission is to provide to our clients an unrivaled level of technical expertise and customer service. Quality for Santos means the injection of detail into everything we do - backed with the tremendous experience of our staff, to create solutions for our clients that are of the highest value.

Commitment - Santos is an industry leader in our focused areas of specialization. We are dedicated to the high level of service and expertise that has defined our company for many years, and we are committed to ensuring our company will have all the tools and personnel essential to continuing the tradition of excellence in which we service our clients.

Balance - - Santos employees enjoy considerable freedom to balance work and family life. It is of utmost importance that our team feels they have balance in their lives and the opportunity to pursue their passions outside of work. The result is a family atmosphere that spills over to our treatment of our clients and partners, and a staff who is more than willing to go the extra mile to produce quality work, and exceptional service.

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