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Survey Auditing & Quality Control

Santos concentrates on the data integrity of the survey data for 2D and 3D seismic projects ensuring the proper geodetic parameters and transformation parameters are in place, and that the most accurate geoid model is being used to compute MSL heights. A survey data audit is a last line of defense for data integrity and ensures field data is accurate and complete, improving processing flows.

Well Location Auditing & QC

Santos performs a detailed audit of the client database or published well locations versus the re-surveyed well locations if available, verifying them with imagery and original well site plats, and identifying and correcting errors in the database or published well locations. If Santos is performing the survey audit of a current seismic survey, we ensure that all wells and local survey ties are performed to provide reliable data for well audit purposes.

Survey Mapping & Consulting

Santos provides over 200 years combined experience in the industry to provide to our clients mapping and consulting services customized to their needs including: Well location plats, geodetic datum conversions, projection conversions, digitizing, township grid conversions, shotpoint map generation, survey location data archiving, survey extractions from stack and data archives and more.

Geophysical Data Management

Santos works with the client's choice of data software and our own database built on the MS Access platform to provide an economic solution to oil and gas companies to manage their seismic and survey data. We create workstation projects, well-file updates, and project conversions. We retrieve and transmit data from storage, seismic processors, and survey auditors to keep your projects running smoothly.

Our Clients

Case Studies

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2D Survey Error in Northwest Colorado reveals discrepancies between client file and field notes.

3D Survey error causing the company to drill three times unsuccessfully into the wrong side of the fault line.

Elevation errors due to bad rod heights

3D Survey error due to the wrong datum and projection.

Well location mistie of 1044 from the published location to the re-surveyed well location.

Elevation Errors due to incorrect application of Geoid Heights.

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